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Walking as Godly Children
May 19, 2024
Phil Ortego

Our children are growing up in a different kind of world than the one we experienced. They live in a world filled with conflict, crisis, and a great deal of confusion. As a result, children are more defiant today than at any other point in our nation’s history. What has contributed to such defiance …

Walking as a Godly Husband
May 12, 2024
Phil Ortego

Having already given instruction for walking as a godly wife, Paul now gives some radical instruction to men. As we continue in our study, the worthy walk for a man is: Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her …

Walking as a Godly Wife
May 5, 2024
Phil Ortego

When it comes to family, our experiences are broad and diverse. Some here are married; some are single; some are single again; some are married again; some are couples raising children; some are single parents; some are blended families, and some are grandparents raising grandchildren; some are adop …

Walking in the Spirit
April 28, 2024
Jeff Poteat

18 And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit, 19 addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart, 20 giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jes …

Walking in Wisdom
April 21, 2024
Phil Ortego

For the past few weeks we’ve been in a series entitled Walking Worthy. It is based upon Ephesians chapters 4-6 where we are called to walk in a manner worthy of the call we have received in Christ. We have seen that: We are to walk in unity. We are to walk in love.  We are to walk in light.  As we c …

Walking in Love and Light
April 14, 2024
Phil Ortego

As we move into chapter five, Paul begins by telling us that we are to walk like our heavenly Father walks. Paul mentions four strides of our heavenly Father. This morning we will cover two of those strides. Let’s begin by reading the passage together. Ephesians 5:1-14 We are told in this passage be …

Walking In Unity
April 7, 2024
Phil Ortego

Walking In Unity I am to walk in a conduct that promotes unity. (MULTILINE) “I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, entreat you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing forbearance to one another in love.”  ( …

Long Live the King
March 31, 2024
Phil Ortego

For those who have questions and even doubt the reality of the resurrection, congratulations, you are in good company. For there were no Christians standing around the cross when Jesus died. And there were no followers of Jesus holding a candlelight vigil in front of the tomb waiting for him to step …

Final Credits
March 24, 2024
Phil Ortego

Now we come to chapter 16. And when we get to this chapter many times we treat it like the credits at the end of a movie. But as we close the book of Romans by going over chapter sixteen, we are not just seeing a list of names that we can’t pronounce or have any idea of their significance to the let …

Living Together In Christ
March 17, 2024
Phil Ortego

The church throughout the ages had to battle with disputable matters, and given our propensity to sin, many fights and divisions have resulted in such matters. We have acknowledged the possibility of this happening at Scotts Hill, so in our Membership Matters Class we make the following statement th …

Government, Neighbors, and the Times
March 10, 2024
Phil Ortego

As we come to chapter 13 in Romans, Paul addresses a believer’s response to governing authorities, to neighbors and to the times.  Paul ends chapter 12 with a warning not to take vengeance on those who have hurt us and how we are to leave room for the wrath of God. Then he flows right into chapter 1 …

Elevate Jesus to the Next Generation
March 3, 2024
Daniel Rose

Who are you handing your spiritual legacy to? I exalt you, my God, the King, and bless your name forever and ever. I will bless you every day; I will praise your name forever and ever. The Lord is great and is highly praised; his greatness is unsearchable. One generation will declare your works to t …

Learning How To Get Along
February 25, 2024
Phil Ortego

As we attempt to finish out chapter 12 this morning, Paul is going to show us three additional areas where we need to develop our realtionships.  Our relationship with ourselves: thinking rightly about our spiritual gifts. (Romans 12:3-8) Spiritual gifts are manifested in every believer.  (MULTILINE …

Living in the Overflow of God’s Mercies
February 18, 2024
Phil Ortego

For the first 11 chapters of Romans Paul has been sharing with us some very important doctrines of the Christian life. And now, from chapters 12 to 16, Paul is going to show us how to apply the doctrines to our lives that will impact the way we live and the way we can impact the lives of those who l …

Has God Rejected Israel for Good?
February 11, 2024
Phil Ortego

We come to chapter 11 where Paul combines both God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility with respect to the nation of Israel. In this chapter Paul will ask two questions that many may ask because of Israel’s rejection of Jesus as the Messiah. Paul begins by helping us with solid theology and ends …

Where Do You Stand?
February 4, 2024
Jeff Poteat

“What shall we say, then?” (Romans 9:30)   Right standing with God comes only through faith in Christ “but that Israel who pursued a law that would lead to righteousness did not succeed in reaching that law.” (Romans 9:31) (MULTILINE) “Why? Because they did not pursue it by faith, but as if it …

Has The Word of God Failed?
January 28, 2024
Phil Ortego

To help us understand the context of chapters 9-11, I’ve put together a simple chart. The apostle Paul, while speaking about Israel and their failures, also helps Gentiles see how God is working in history and in their lives. The chapters can be summarized in the following chart: Chapter 9 God’s Sov …

Rhetorical Questions That Prove God’s Love
January 21, 2024
Phil Ortego

Sermon Exposition on Romans 8:31-39

Future Glory
January 14, 2024
Phil Ortego

Sermon Exposition on Romans 8:17-30

Life in the Spirit
January 7, 2024
Phil Ortego

Chapter 8 is one of the most beloved chapters in all of the Bible. For Paul takes us from the struggles with the Law and the law of sin and death, and as a result of being justified by faith and regenerated into new creatures, he tells us that we no longer live by our flesh, but we are to live in th …

Godly Goals for 2024
December 31, 2023
Pastor Phil Ortego

Godly Goals For 2024 Hebrews 13:5-6 Tomorrow is the beginning of a brand new year! It’s a brand new start! But not every one enters the New Year with the same attitudes. Some will enter the New Year with: Great ____________________  Great ____________________  Great ____________________ (MULTILINE) …

God’s Grace is Greater Than Stubborn Sin
November 12, 2023
Phil Ortego

Exposition on Romans 6:1-14